Who Brings a Three-Month-Old to a Midnight Screening? Kevin Smith, for One.

During the latest episode of Kevin Smith’s Hulu show Spoilers, he and the gathered group of moviegoers somberly discussed the Aurora, CO tragedy.

At one point however, the host lightened things up a tiny bit when he chose to comment on the media backlash aimed at one couple that brought a three-month old:

“I took my daughter to see Fight Club when she was three months old. It was me and the wife and the kid in the stroller. There were only two other people in the movie theater. My kid never talked once or cried or anything.”

“But the whole movie, the two women sitting to the left of us were looking at us and clucking their tongues. When the movie was over, they came up to us and said, ‘You don’t bring a baby to a movie like this!’  I was like, ‘I loved it, thumbs up.’ I can see how a couple would bring a three-month-old to The Dark Knight.”

Smith suggested that for the immediate future and perhaps beyond, he will no longer be able to casually suspend his real-world fears when entering a movie theater. Instead, he says he will be scanning the faces in the Multiplex crowd, to make sure no one looks suspicious.