Kevin Bacon Is the New Spokesman for Eggs…Because Puns

The actor hasn't been pushing the campaign via his own accounts.

The American Egg Board wants you to start your morning off right — with eggs and a side of bacon.

Kevin Bacon.

In a new spot from Grey New York (below), the actor takes a break from hunting serial killers on The Following to lounge on a stranger’s kitchen counter, touting the health benefits of the Incredible Edible Egg. And you can take his word for it because, as he points out himself, “Nobody knows eggs better than Bacon.”

Though he spends the duration of the commercial staunchly and ironically dissuading a swooning housewife and her flabbergasted husband from making puns with his name, Bacon talked about the inevitability of the obvious bacon-and-eggs pun in a statement about his new spokesmanship:

“With a last name like Bacon, I’m the obvious choice, and I’m excited to be a part of the new Incredible Edible Egg campaign…I like the creativity behind the idea, and I’ve always been a big fan of eggs. They’re a nutritional powerhouse and I never get tired of them because there are so many ways you can eat them.”

Meanwhile, Kevin Burkum, SVP of Marketing for the American Egg Board, said:

“Kevin Bacon brings real star power to the world of eggs and we think consumers are going to love this clever new version of bacon and eggs…And there’s no better time to talk about eggs with consumption at its highest level in three decades and Easter right around the corner.”

Interestingly, the actor hasn’t been actively promoting the campaign himself. We think (hope?) that will change soon.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go fry up my morning eggs and hope Bacon magically materializes on my kitchen counter.

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