New York Magazine Checks Out Times Square Cereal Café

Snap, crackle and delightful.

The lead comment adorning this particular Grub Street item reads: ‘this video is goddamned delightful.’ And let’s face it, after the week that has just transpired, that is exactly the kind of video we all need.

Beamed out initially via Facebook Live, the half-hour report stars “former cereal addict” and New York magazine senior editor Sierra Tishgart on the left, and her restaurant critic colleague Adam Platt on the right. They are, together, a delightful duo, tasked with sampling menu items at the new Kellogg’s Cereal Café in Times Square, which opened July 4.

Exotic $7.50 bowls have been concocted with the help of Momofuku Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi. Menu items include for example the combination of Rice Krispies, strawberries and green-tea powder.

Tishgart and Platt power through a half-dozen bowls in all, rating them on a scale of one to five stars. And this is no milquetoast, branded content effort; early on for example, despite the presence of Raisin Bran, Tishgart gives one bowl the dreaded one-star rating.