Keith Richards’ Surgery Has Joke Writers On Hold

We were all set to post something about why we need the Associated Press in situations such as this weekend’s report that Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards suffered a mild concussion after falling out of a coconut tree. Something about how you need someone to report the news with a straight face before late night joke writers can riff away.

Then comes today’s update on Richards:

Since the accident, the guitarist has complained of headaches and tests have now revealed a small hemorrhage, according to The Sun. As a result, Richards will apparently have an operation to drain his skull.

So, how do you approach the Richards’ joke now? Saturday Night Live “Weekend Update” writer and mb instructor Alan Cross:

I think you could probably address it at the beginning that you hope he recovers, but then comment that it would be an ironic way for him to go. There are lots of death odds online … I’m sure Keith Richards is there. Most people probably picked overdose. But if you picked “fell out of a Palm tree while picking coconuts” you’re going to win big.

Keith Richards to Undergo Operation? [MTV UK]