Keith Olbermann Officially Launches His "Fok News Channel" Website

Late on Friday night, former MSNBC host and soon-to-be Current TV host Keith Olbermann launched his new website, FOK News Channel.

As we reported last week, the site is accessible at

The site features three sections: “The First Guess,” which features Olbermann’s thoughts on the news of the day. “Snappy Answers to Stupid Headlines,” which has Olbermann snarking to headlines from various news outlets and “Worst Persons of the Day.” which is the online version of his popular TV show segment.

News of the site’s launch has already left the blogosphere and made the mainstream media, with ABC News and The Washington Post.

As we noted last time, FOK News Channel’s name and logo is clearly meant to mimic a certain cable outlet, which has so far remained silent on the matter. For Fox News Channel, staying silent may be the best strategy. Olbermann and FNC have always had an antagonistic relationship, but at MSNBC at least he was working for a competitor.