Keith Olbermann Ponders the Possibility of Newsflix

The GQ special correspondent chats with Richard Sandomir.

Keith Olbermann might be on to something.

Chatting with The New York Times’ Richard Sandomir about his current short-term gig as a GQ magazine special correspondent, he says that the freedom and no-frills confines of his web broadcast environment reminds him of the earliest days of CNN and middle period at ESPN. Olbermann also thinks we’re at the beginning of a revolution that will bring much broader changes to the way  TV news and commentary is delivered:

“This is where it’s going,” Olbermann said. “There will be a garage-band quality to news, particularly video news, in the years to come, and I think it’ll be limitless. Maybe there will be a Newsflix in the future, with 37 options—with Olbermann’s commentaries and a three-minute Al Roker forecast.”

More like 3700 options–with maybe a three-minute Billy Bush showbiz report on the menu as well. Olbermann’s The Closer GQ gig is set to wrap up around Election Day, and he states in the Times piece that he is donating all proceeds from this gig to various charities.

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