Keep An Eye Out For Alvin Lustig


We always get psyched when we see an email from John L. Walters every few months. The esteemed editor-in-chief of Eye points us towards the finer stories in the current issue, which we’d like to say we received in a lovely box, subscriber-style, but we’ll be honest and admit that the price tag often drives us to hunker down with a copy at Borders instead.

Luckily, Eye’s website is simply killer, and they’re adding more features all the time. And if it wasn’t for our trip there today, we wouldn’t have seen Rick Poynor’s piece about the success of a “Digital History Book,” a beautiful new website about Alvin Lustig, which Poynor says bridges the gap between amnesiac internet-era kids (that means you, reading this blog) and book-based design historians.

We kinda knew who Lustig was, but this website,, embraced us with the thrill of design discovery. It’s a world furnished with creations we totally dig, like peglegged end tables, complex geometric textiles and a gorgeous Roteron helicopter. This stroll through Lustig’s very short life (he died at 40) is augmented with articles by Steven Heller (who’s working on a book about Lustig) and designed with flair by a very Kind Company.