Keeeb Lets You Clip & Save Content From Any Website

Are you writing a book that requires lots of online research? Check out Keeeb, a new digital clipping tool that lets you clip, highlight and organize content from across the web.

You can add Keeeb to your web browser and do a Google search with Keeeb’s clipboarding tool and it will follow you around the web as you like. The tool lets you highlight sections of online articles, as well as videos and images and organize them into folders. You can create your own folders, say for different chapters or different characters  in your book, or perhaps folders for various projects you are working on. Once you have content inside of your folders, you can move it around and organize it as you see fit. If you’d like to share your folders with others, there are options to do so. You can also keep it private.

The tool also lets you import your existing clippings from Clipboard, the online clipboarding service that closed last month after acquired them. Keeeb has an app that is slated for release next month, so mobile clipping is on the horizon for users.