KCET Plans On Throwing the Worst Party Ever

So we just saw via Twitter that KCET is going to be throwing its very first Twitter Party. It’s going to be food-themed and Huell Howser is going to be there! Sounds cool! So when is it? What should we wear? Do we need to bring anything? Tell us more KCET!

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Any tweet with the #onkcet hashtag will surface right here! So just be sure to include #onkcet when you tweet. And, if you log into twitter, you can tweet directly from the window below. Simple, right?

Actually, that’s still a little confusing. When is it and what does Huell Howser have to do with it? We’re going to be watching him on TV? And where will we be chatting and tweeting alongside like-minded foodies? Maybe the party’s Facebook page will tell us more!

7: 30 PM
California’s Gold with Huell Howser: Pear Fair
8 PM
SoCal Connected: Food Wars
8:30 PM
Visiting with Huell Howser: Summer Ice
9 PM
Breakfast Special
10 PM
Ice Cream Show
So if a stack of pancakes on your tv screen compels you to tweet, don’t hold back! Just be sure to include #onkcet in your tweets, and your thoughts will end up right here on KCET.org. Tune in, go online, and get ready for some good conversation that is guaranteed to get your salivary glands, well, salivating.

Wait, so we’re supposed to watch Huell Howser…at home on TV…then tweet about it…by ourselves…and that’s the party?
We love you KCET, but, to be honest, that sounds like the worst fucking party we’ve ever heard of. Why not just invite us to a week long Ed Hardy extravaganza while you’re at it? Seriously, way to get our hopes up that we were going to party with Huell Howser and then crush them mercilessly.