Kaus Kicks Kurtz

kurtz.jpg Slate’s Mickey Kaus tears into the Post’s Howard Kurtz today about the Eason Jordan scandal:

If Post editor Len Downie–a man who doesn’t even vote for fear it will create a conflict of interest!–needed a final good excuse to assign Kurtz to a different beat, he got it today.

Kaus, along with many other bloggers, has been questioning how Kurtz–who hosts a show on CNN in addition to his Post duties–could avoid writing about the controversial comments CNN’s Eason Jordan made in Davos last month. In an email exchange yesterday with Kaus yesterday, Kurtz said that two other WaPo reporters had decided not to write on the subject but as the muttering grew louder, Kurtz decided to pick it up himself–hence today’s story.

On his Slate blog today, Kaus has dissected Kurtz’s article and finds it seriously lacking. He accuses Kurtz of “Witness Protection,” “Hiding the Videotape,” “The Fallback Spin,” “The Pigeonhole,” and “The Take-Home Lesson.” We’re not sure what most of that means, but it sounds like there should be WWF wrestling involved somewhere.

Concluding, Kaus writes, “let’s just say that if a p.r. agent or damage control spinner produced a piece designed to try and save CNN exec Eason Jordan’s job, it would be the piece Kurtz wrote in the Post today.”