Katy Perry Thanks Discreet Starbucks Barista With a Tweet

Katy Perry Thanks Discreet Starbucks Barista With a Tweet

Jason King has been a barista at the Embassy Suites Starbucks in Chicago for a little over a year, and says he likes working there because it’s a good place to meet interesting people.

“You never know who you’ll meet,” says Jason. “Former President Bill Clinton, Christian Slater and Mila Kunis have all come in here. I was just telling my mom the two people I really want to meet are David Bowie and Katy Perry.”

On Tuesday, August 12th, King was working his shift as normal when he say the name “Katheryn” on a cup. He looked up at the customer, smiled, then realised that she looked very familiar.

“Then it clicked and my heart jumped. Oh my goodness, don’t freak out I kept telling myself.”

King made the beverage as he would for any other customer, except this time it happened to be Katy Perry, right there, in the flesh.

King played it cool.

“Katheryn, I have your tall soy vanilla latte,” he called out.

As Perry walked over to collect her drink, King spoke to her. “I know you want to keep a low profile; I know exactly who you are and I think you are amazing and so awesome.”

Perry appreciated his discretion.

“She told me, ‘I know you’re freaking out and I appreciate you keeping this low profile. I’m just here to do a little shopping,'” recalls King. “Then she asked if there’s anything she can do for me.”

Stunned, King asked Perry that maybe she could just shake his hand. So she did, and then left.

Later that day, Perry expressed her gratitude in a rather more public way – in a tweet, shared with her more than 55 million followers.

Katy Perry Thanks Discreet Starbucks Barista With a Tweet

“Dear Jason @Starbucks on Ohio & N State in Chicago,” wrote Perry. “You make a mean soy latte.”

King was thrilled.

“It’s amazing to say I’ve made a latte for Katy Perry,” he said. “I’m still smiling about it.”

(Source: Starbucks.)

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