Katrina vanden Heuvel Lectures Anderson Cooper

Just as we were flipping around the cable news networks last night looking for a fresh take on the Oscar Pistorious murder case, a new look at those blades at least, we realized no one was on it. So we settled for the next best thing: CNN’s Anderson Cooper and one hair clip short of a ponytaled Nancy Grace in full discussion about the Jodi Arias trial. Back and forth they went, marveling over Jody’s drastic dye job and how she couldn’t remember stabbing her boyfriend some 30 times.

And then who comes vaulting out of the Twitter peanut gallery and ruins it for us?

That’s right, The Nation‘s Supernanny Katrina vanden Heuval. Just before she told us how dumb her interns are for not knowing who WaPo‘s Bob Woodward is, she had to try to ruin our Jodi Arias experience by going all mother hen J-school prof about AC. What the hell, Katrina?

“What saddens me is how much Anderson Cooper could do– and what we get. …Tonight, Anderson Cooper became Nancy Grace. One hour devoted to a trial that is sad but ain’t natl news. Jeff Toobin, we love ya, pls get off.”

We kind of feel you on Toobin. But what saddens us is your misplaced concern for AC’s potential.

She went on. “It’s as if those who scandaled-us down during OJ still dominating air– Mark Geragos….Nancy Grace…Greta masquerading @ FOX” vanden Heuvel wrote.

We want more scandal, not less, Katrina. We reached out to CNN as well as FNC’s Greta Van Susteren to see if they had any reaction to Katrina’s ranting. Van Susteren had a concise response to Katrina’s thoughts: “Whatever.”

Photo caption: The couple, in happier times.