Katie Couric: I Was The Only Skirt At White House Meeting Before Bush Speech

katie_couric_skirt.jpgFrom Katie Couric‘s CBS News blog comes this missive on the state of women in television news journalism, 2007:

Last Wednesday, President Bush gave his address to the country about “the new way forward” for Iraq, and lots of journalists—including me, of course—were in Washington to cover it. But before the Big Speech, there was the little-known Big Meeting.

The White House invited all the network anchors, and some cable anchors, along with the Sunday political show hosts to a meeting with unnamed VERY senior administration officials. (Obviously I know their names, but the agreement was that in order to attend the meeting, we couldn’t reveal the people who spoke to us.)

And yet, the meeting was a little disconcerting as well. As I was looking at my colleagues around the room—Charlie Gibson, George Stephanopoulos, Brian Williams, Tim Russert, Bob Schieffer, Wolf Blitzer, and Brit Hume—I couldn’t help but notice, despite how far we’ve come, that I was still the only woman there. Well, there was some female support staff near the door. But of the people at the table, the “principals” in the meeting, I was the only one wearing a skirt.

Are you sure about that, Katie? Russert’s been known to wear a skirt under the Meet The Press desk — particularly during primary season — and we’ve all caught Brian Williams sporting flat-front khaki shorts while delivering the Nightly News. And Schieffer? Forget about it.

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