Kathy Halbreich On Her New Life at the MoMA


Back in March you might recall that we reported on Kathy Halbreich‘s unexpected departure from her spot as Director of the Walker Art Center. Then later, in October, she decided to make the jump over to the Museum of Modern Art. Now that she’s there, enjoying all the perks of being an Associate Director of a big city, major American institution, Art Info got the chance to sit down with her recently and talk about what’s been going on and how she’s enjoying the new gig, largely the freedom she has that she didn’t at the Walker. Here’s some:

It sounds like all of the good parts of a museum director’s job without any of the bad parts.

Yes. I can shed a lot of the things that directors have to do, like worrying about the shop or the restaurant, or all of those things that make a museum director’s job immensely complex. At MoMA I can actually focus on the art and the artists, and on the curators and educators and administrators. I might even organize a show occasionally!