Kathy Griffin Blasts C-SPAN

kg.jpgPolitico spoke with comedian Kathy Griffin for her upcoming book signing at Borders tonight at 6:30. Her memoir is called Official Book Club Selection. In the interview, she was her usual witty self.

But she’s a little pissed at C-SPAN.

Here she riffs on the network that covers events such as these for not coming to her event.

“[C-SPAN] has 24 hours of programming to fill. It wouldn’t kill them to cover 20 minutes of my book signing,” she said. “Also, [C-SPAN] should occasionally do a musical number. If they have a bill, they present the bill and then maybe do a musical number at the end. Like, oh by the way, ‘Health Care: The Musical’ may have passed.”

C-SPAN declined to comment on not covering Griffin’s book signing.