Daily News Reporter Follows Marriage Proposal With Very Pertinent Article

A delightful Justin Rocket Silverman juxtaposition.

When we read the news that New York Observer senior editor Kara Bloomgarden-Smoke had accepted a marriage proposal over the weekend from New York Daily News senior feature writer Justin Rocket Silverman (pictured), we immediately started pondering the last-name possibilities.

“Phone call for Kara Bloomgarden-Smoke Rocket Silverman!” a maître d’ might holler. Or this, off a teleprompter in the near future at MSNBC: “Joining us now to discuss the Bill de Blasio situation is Justin Rocket Silverman Bloomgarden-Smoke.”

Maybe it will just wind up being that Kara stays the same and the groom switches to Justin Bloomgarden-Smoke. From Silverman’s article in today’s paper, titled: “More Men Taking Wives’ Last Names Instead of Vice Versa, Like Marco Perego and Zoe Saldana:”

Brooklyn artist Carter Kustera, 52, went even further than getting a new Social Security card when he married Anna Kustera and changed his name from Kevin Carter.

Kustera staged an elaborate funeral for his former identity and built a giant glass mausoleum with a coffin and effigy of Kevin Carter inside. The mausoleum was eventually purchased by a private collector and is now situated on a New Jersey estate.

“My family was very accepting,” said Kustera, “but my wife’s family to this day doesn’t understand. They are very Eastern European, and in that culture a woman always takes her husband’s name.”

Should Kara and Justin choose to go the full last-name-combo route, they may well encounter DMV “hassles” simlar to the ones detailed in Silverman’s article by one Zach Weinersmith.

[Photo via: @justinrocket]