Justin Bieber Hurting Magazine Sales

Adweek is reporting a curious trend: When magazines feature Justin Bieber on their covers, that issue doesn’t sell well.

When People had the teen sensation on its cover last Spring it sold few copies, and now Vanity Fair is getting torched by The Bieber Effect as well, says Lucia Moses. “VF’s February issue, with Bieber on the cover, is selling 40 percent-50 percent below the magazine’s average newsstand sales.”

Moses says that the reason simply might be that Bieber fans wouldn’t be intersted in buying a magazine like Vanity Fair, but we think that’s the wrong way to look at it. Vanity Fair readers  – ahem, older people – sometimes like keeping up with the young world, so putting Bieber on the cover was smart. And Bieber makes complete sense for a magazine like People.

So how can FishbowlNY explain The Bieber Effect? Well it could be that the rest of the magazine’s features weren’t good enough to grab readers. Or maybe people weren’t buying magazines across the board during these times, no matter what the cover looked like.

The Rolling Stone issue featuring Bieber on the cover goes on sale today, so we’ll see if this trend continues. We certainly hope it doesn’t, because we don’t want to live in a world where teens with excessive hair who produce mediocre pop music can’t sell magazines.