Juniper, MarketandMarket, Gartner 2014/2015 App Revenue Projections

Way back in the spring of 2009, Susan Schrank reported here that Juniper predicted mobile app revenues would reach $25 billion by 2014.

Apr. 28, 2009 – Juniper: Mobile Apps Revenue: $25b in 2014

Just last week, I noted that MarketandMarkets made a similar numerical prediction ($25 billion) but pushed the target date out to 2015.

Jan. 19, 2011- MarketsandMarkets: Predicting Mobile Market Share in 2015? Probably Impossible IMHO – Mobile App Market Will Be Worth $25 Billion By 2015 – Apple’s Share: 20%

This week Gartner made a prediction for this calenadr year.

Jan. 26, 2011 – Gartner: Gartner Says Worldwide Mobile Application Store Revenue Forecast to Surpass $15 Billion in 2011

Their research indicates that this $15 billion revenue is a 190% increase from 2010. And, they are forecasting growth between 2010 and 2014 to be over 1000%. This places their 2014 projection to be somewhere north of $50 billion based on the $5.2 revenue in 2010.

Which one of these will be right in 2014/2015? My guess is “none of the above.”