July Web Traffic Numbers Are In

And the top five are:

    Brand or Channel, Unique Audience (000), Time per Person (hh:mm:ss)

    NYTimes.com — 14,149 — 0:27:21
    USATODAY.com — 10,611 — 0:11:48
    washingtonpost.com — 9,157 — 0:17:55
    LA Times — 5,267 — 0:08:26
    Wall Street Journal Online — 4,487 — 0:12:17

Once again, eyebrows are raised at the success of WashingtonTimes.com, which came in at #31. This is surprising because the print edition of the paper isn’t even in the Top 100 of newspaper circulation nationally (lagging behind such papers as East Valley Tribune and The Daytona Beach News-Journal). Yet, the success of the website indicates that it remains a destination for conservative readers.

(Other news: “Shares of newspaper publishers rose Thursday amid a late rally in the market. New York Times Co. said its July advertising sales from continuing operations slipped 3.5 percent.”).