The Early Bird Oscar Party

Julianne Moore's grandparents are fine with DVR-ing the big moment.

It’s a small affair, set to take place early Sunday evening at Morningside Assisted Living in Georgetown, South Carolina. And in spite of the bucket loads of glitz and glamor about to be dumped on the Chateau Marmont, Sunset Tower Hotel, Governor’s Ball and other west coast locales, this event in some respects is going to be hard to beat.

From an item by Coastal Observer reporter Jason Lesley:

An evening like Sunday doesn’t come along very often, but the Smiths, both 97, need their sleep, even though granddaughter Julianne Moore has been nominated for an Oscar for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in the movie Still Alice.

Ed and Mervil Smith, we salute you! Keeping life’s priorities in order is most certainly what got you this far. And as far as shoo-in category winner Moore is concerned, just a gentle reminder to accurately thank grandpa and grandma if they come up during the acceptance speech. E.g., steer clear of “I know they’re watching…”

In the article, the Smiths also recall the evolution of their own romance and how it felt to watch their granddaughter so effectively put forth on-screen the vagaries of Alzheimer’s.

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