Julia Beizer Segues From The Washington Post to The Huffington Post

Director of product at one Post, head of product at the other.

We toyed with some “Post” puns for the headline of this item. Everything from “One Post to Another” to “Solid Post-Up Move.” In the end, we decided it was best to limit these thoughts to the first paragraph.

In the same general TGI[almost]F vein, we always get a kick out of media-hire announcements that find room for a mention of the household pet. As you can see from today’s internal memo about Julia Beizer moving over from the Washington Post to The Huffington Post, the Weimaraner here appears to have the upper paw:


We’re thrilled to announce that Julia Beizer is joining HuffPost as our head of product, at a time when we’re poised to reach more peoplearound the world than ever before, add value to their lives, and use all the tools at our disposal – and keep improving them – in order to inform, inspire, entertain and empower our global audience. In her time as director of product at the Washington Post, Julia launched their first iPad app and brought a relentlessly innovative approach to everything from the desktop and mobile experiences to wearables and connected TV.

With a background in journalism and a strong belief in our editorial pillars, Julia comes to HuffPost uniquely positioned to work with our edit, tech and business teams to translate those pillars into the consumer products and experiences of the future. As Julia put it so perfectly, “The Huffington Post has been an innovator in the digital news space since its inception. I’m looking forward to working with the team to continue to disrupt the landscape and build experiences to engage HuffPost’s audience around the world.”

Please join us in welcoming Julia, her husband, two adorable young children, and 90 lb Weimaraner mix mutt to the HuffPost family.

Arianna and Jared

Beizer starts at the end of the month and will be based in New York. Jared, above, refers to HuffPost CEO Jared Grusd.