Judy + Pinch + Keller = Fun

If you’re enjoying the deliciousness of the train wreck that is Judy Miller and the New York Times as much as we are, then make sure to read Gabriel Sherman‘s NYO article today and the status of the negotiations as to her future:

Last week, with Ms. Miller and The Times stalemated over the terms of her separation from the paper, publisher Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr. floated a suggestion: What if Ms. Miller cut short her leave of absence and just came back to West 43rd Street sometime after the weekend?

It was as if the wistful child of a collapsing marriage were suggesting a family picnic–a chance for Dad and Mom to remember how their differences weren’t always so irreconcilable. Maybe she could be some kind of editor?

But Ms. Miller would not be peaceably absorbed into the byline-less grayness of an editing post. Her side countered with a threat that she’d show up at her old reporter’s desk, a source familiar with the negotiations said. The publisher’s trial balloon was swiftly shredded.

It was doubtful that Ms. Miller would accept any position other than a reporting post. And having been serially rebuked in the pages of The Times, Ms. Miller didn’t budge from her demand that she be given space to rebut her critics–whether she returned or she left. Meanwhile, executive editor Bill Keller told Mr. Sulzberger that he was not prepared to accept Ms. Miller’s return to the newsroom in any form, according to a source with knowledge of the negotiations.

The rank and file shared the executive editor’s stance. “There is a quiet rebellion in the newsroom,” a longtime staffer said. “They don’t want her back.”

The NYO also scores an interview with her, and talks at length about her attempts to publish a lengthy rebuttal of the charges against her in the paper.