Judith Regan’s Completely Insane $100M Lawsuit Against News Corp.: All You Need To Know

Judith Regan has announced she’s launching a $100 million defamation suit against News Corp.

Her 70-page legal complaint can be found via Portfolio mag’s Mixed Media and through the New York Times. 70 pages is a lot to parse. Since FBNY understands that our readers are sane, normal people who don’t want to read this nonsense, we’re going to do some service journalism and recount the highlights to you. The bats**t insane Cliff Notes of the Judy Regan lawsuit, if you will:

  • News Corp. engineered Regan’s firing from subsidiary HarperCollins.

  • Top News Corp. heads did not want Regan to go public with any derogatory information she had regarding scandal-plagued Rudy Giuliani sidekick Bernard Kerik.

  • Regan, in fact, did not make anti-semitic comments. When she said there was a “Jewish cabal” out against her? She (according to her lawyers) never said it!

  • News Corp. faked public leaks of Regan’s alleged anti-semitic phone comments in order to engineer her firing from HarperCollins.

    Regardless of the facts and substance behind these allegations (and the whole thing is making our head spin.. it’s like some kind of sad, pathetic satire times 100), the legal complaint is a classic. Jeff Bercovici pointed out at Portfolio that section headings included “Defendants Set Up Regan as the Scapegoat for the OJ Controversy as Part of Their Smear Campaign” and “News Corp.’s Double Standard for Men and Women.”

    As Regan’s Jewish best friends say, oy vey.