Judge: F*ck The FCC’s Argument | WSJ Digs Blogs | Ron Burkle | J.K. Rowling Dreamed She Was Boy Wizard | Best, Worst Of NYC Music 2006


  • Judge: Questions FCC’s argument. [NY Sun]
  • CBS’ Kimberly Dozier: Reflects on surviving Iraq attack. [CBSNews.com]
  • Tribune: Makes pitch to Ron Burkle, Eli Broad. [LAT]
  • Wall Street Journal: Digs blogs all of the sudden. [PBS Mediashift]
  • J.K. Rowling: Dreamed of being boy wizard. [JKRowling.com]
  • Jossip: Gets new editor after losing one to Page Six. [NYO]
  • Best, Worst Of: New York music 2006. Guess which category CBGBs fell into. [Gothamist]