JRC, Leaner, DOUBLED Its Online Traffic In One Year

One year ago, 5.5 million people visited a Journal Register Co. newspaper online.
Now, 11 million of the 19 million people who access a JRC “product” do it online.

The company grew digital revenue 70 percent in the first quarter of 2011 and will do it again in Q2, CEO John Paton said in a recent interview.

And, incredibly, he says, “If we stay on track this year … that growth will be within a percentage point or two of replacing every lost print advertising dollar with a digital advertising dollar….We may not get all the way there, but I think we’ll get very close — enough to prove to the wider world, and particularly the investment community, that newspapers do have this ability to transform.”


Granted, the company went through bankruptcy in 2009, sold off 150 publications and laid off 2,000 employees. “The company that went into bankruptcy is no longer the same company,” Paton said.

Okay. So. A bit leaner, yes. But we’ll be watching this company closely.