Journos Raise 75K for CNN Camerman: ‘We Wake up Knowing we Did a Great Thing’

Jerry Thompson (back to camera) embraces John Wallace, a cameraman for Fox News who organized the fundraiser.

FNC’s James Rosen donating cartoon sketches for the cause.

Ed Henry, CNN, guest bartender

This was one night when TV journos let go of ratings and any thought of fierce competition. Last night TV journalists from CNN and Fox News came together at Cuba Libre to raise 75k for ailing longtime former CNN cameraman Jerry Thompson. He has been diagnosed with a second brain tumor. “He’s now on a new medication and fighting as hard as he can,” says a Facebook page created for him by friends.

Celebrity bartenders included NBC’s Mike Viquira and Wendy Rieger as well as CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, John King and wife and CNNer Dana Bash (who tended bar together) and Ed Henry. The board of the White House Correspondents’ Association personally donated $1200 that came from their own pockets. Money will go to a trust for Thompson’s children. (See names of WHCA Boardmembers who made donations after the jump…)

A personal e-mail note of thanks from FNC’s John Wallace to attendees portrays the deeply felt sentiment behind the cause:

Thank you for what you did tonight. I’m sorry I did not have the time to thank each of you individually but with out you tonight may have happened but on a much smaller scale.
All of you stepping up to plate immediately opened many doors for me. It gave the night instant credibility. Bob Gallo, co-owner of the Cuba Libre restaurant group was really taken by Jerry’s story and moved by the response from all of you. That’s what did it.

We had a great night and wake up knowing that all of us did a good thing.
We raised over 75K for Jerry’s children last night and the even better news is that we haven’t even gotten the bar receipt numbers from all of your hard work and our colleagues penchant for enjoying an alcoholic beverage or two.
You are all great people.

Again, thank you.

See The Hill‘s write-up and pictures here.

Anyone wishing to learn more or to make a donation, go to the Facebook site here.

Check out Blitzer’s bartending after the jump…

Wolf Blitzer, CNN, celeb bartender

The board of the WH Correspondents’ Assoc. made personal contributions, not WHCA funds. Contributors include: David Jackson, USA Today, Caren Bohan, Reuters, Ed Henry, CNN, Carol Lee, Politico, Steve Scully, C-SPAN, Doug Mills, NYT, Julie Masion Wash Examiner, Don Gonyea NPR, Michael Scherer, Time, Executive Director Julie Whiston, WHCA attorney George Lehrner.