Journos: Don’t Try This S#!t at Home

Reporters attending the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte this week might as well have to walk through concrete with their hands tied behind their backs and stuffed into a trunk to get wherever they need to go. This afternoon attending a John F. Kennedy Library Panel could prove to be trickier than one might imagine.

This just in from the media contact:

“Prior to this afternoon’s forum [at 4 p.m], I wanted to check in one final time regarding press details for today’s event: • To enter One Bank of America Center (1BAC), please use the entrance at College Street and 5th Street.  I’ve attached a map for your reference. • All guests must proceed through a magnetometer for a security screening. • Doors will open at 3:00pm. Please try arrive at least 20 minutes early to allow time to pass through the security checkpoint.”

A magnetometer, huh?

Trusty Wikipedia tells us that a magnetometer measures the strength or direction of magnetic fields. They are different from metal detectors and can measure metal of larger depth such as cars, and have been used to locate submarines, sunken ships and toxic waste drums. So journos, if you plan to go to this, leave your submarines at home and try not to ram your waste drums through the door.

On the panel: NBC MTP host David Gregory, NYT political reporter Matt Bai, Political Strategist Maria Cardona, Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick and Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes.