Journo Hate Mail: Andrea Tantaros

Blonde or brunette, says Andrea Tantaros, NY Daily News columnist and FNC political analyst, “We get these tweets. Hair color has nothing to do with it, gender does.” Tanataros says unless there are actual threats that a person is going to come to Fox, her office or her apartment she ignores the commenters or laughs them off as best as she can.

  • @stapler300 @AndreaTantaros She’s a fucking idiot slut who lies and reads her scripts as given to her by Fox. Not a single thought in her mind.

Tantaros tells FishbowlDC that watchers also get creative over email, as displayed below:

Hi Andrea:  I saw you again today spouting off with your usual “fuck America”, “Fuck Obama” bullshit.  All I can say is fuck you and fuck your parents for having you and raising you to be such a negative, fact-aversive, truth-challenged, loudmouth, incendiary cunt.  Go fuck yourself instead of America with your chronic negativism and bullshit.  Do America a favor, talk straight or shut the fuck up.  In lieu of that, eat your own shit until you choke on it and die you God Damned clueless racist white media whore. America deserves the truth, you deserve to be bound, gagged, stoned to death and thrown in the garbage like the uppity white trash that you are.  Fuck off bitch!