Journo Couple Gave Few Hints They’d Elope

WaPo recently sent out a rather personal internal memo revealing that “The Reliable Source” writer Amy Argetsinger is not only leaving the gossip beat but she’s pregnant and engaged to former Bloomberg reporter and JDA VP of Public Affairs Bill McQuillen.

This week the couple made it official.

On Wednesday they both simultaneously took to their respective Facebook pages (because it’s the easiest place to make a big announcement, right?) to announce that they’d tied the knot. He said: “Bill McQuillen is married to Amy Argetsinger. And she said: “Amy Argetsinger is married to Bill McQuillen.”

Short and sweet. No details. And for some, no warning.

In fact, the news struck some as so strange that they thought it might be a prank?

However…This was no prank. McQuillen, not known for splashing details of his private life on Facebook, let a few details slip in recent weeks. Just days before the Facebook announcement, he hinted that he may or may not have eloped and that the wedding was possibly taking place in Texas. He offered no further details.

Judging from the surprised reactions on Facebook, few could have anticipated the nuptials.

This week professional media harasser Evan Gahr wrote a post on his personal site saying Argetsinger told him she had eloped. His headline leaves little to the imagination: “Reliable Source Columnist Amy Argetsinger Tells Washington Gadfly Evan Gahr She Eloped.” In his story, he pays her quite the compliment, saying she doesn’t suffer from Journalism I-Disease — i.e., the act of incessantly referring to yourself in your writing.

Even so, Gahr still wonders why she didn’t report on her own wedding in the “Love, etc.” section of WaPo‘s “The Reliable Source.” He wrote, “Argetsinger did not write she eloped on September 12.  She did mention it casually in an email to this journalist on September 19.”

Though he peppered her with more questions, Argetsinger did not reply. He called her silence “refreshing.”

Miracle of miracles, this was not by phone and no, she did not hang up on him.

Correction: McQuillen, who’s apparently all annoyed about this item by the likes of his crazed Twitter comments, left Bloomberg about a year ago for JDA Frontline. We’ve corrected the above to reflect the change.