Journalists’ Sixth Sense

Joel Achenbach is a firm believer in the intuition of Washington journalists.

Of course, he may want to remember that journalists just KNEW, come the afternoon of Election Day, that John Kerry had the election in the bag, so…

    We’re all bracing for the indictments to be handed down. We’re also steeling ourselves. How do we know for sure that Fitzgerald and his Grand Jury will bring charges, rather than simply throw up their hands and say it was all a (chuckle, shrug, turn palms face up) huge misunderstanding? Because journalists and veteran Washington observers and various old-timers and Wise Men and insiders have this uncanny ability to sense stuff that’s about to happen. You can just smell it in the air, like mercaptan. On CBS this morning, a reporter quoted, or actually paraphrased, an unnamed former prosecutor (or some kind of insiderish smart-person unnamed anonymous official) saying he could feel the indictments coming in his bones. That’s practically solid information. That’s like data.

    [Developing, as more body parts sense indictments on the way….]

I’ll be waiting for my left index finger to tingle all day, and will let you know when it does.