Journalism Student Defends Major: ‘We’re Headed Into an Industry That is Alive and Kicking’

Melanie Stone, journalism student at DePaul University, has just about had it with people badmouthing our industry.

In a Business Insider piece she writes:

“Everyone is hating on journalism, and I’m tired of it. Two years ago, I shipped off to college, wide-eyed and ready to write. I had plans: I would master the feature lede. I would abhor the Oxford comma. I would graduate with my journalism degree and run off to The Chicago Tribune where surely, surely I’d be hired to be the next page-two columnist.”

Who can’t relate to Stone?

In the piece she recalls “too many pessimists” laughing at her dreams and classes, calling her foolish. Hearing all of the arguments made against a journalism education, she defends our industry. Yes, she agrees that traditional journalism jobs are disappearing. You know what though? Although newspapers and magazines are disappearing along with their employment opportunities, digital opportunities are increasing!

Pointing out that “a different form of journalism is rising from its ashes, bringing jobs to young people,” the woman has a point. Whether it’s a social media manager, blogger, community manager or digital editor, new opportunities continue to emerge.

And to people who say that journalism is dead? Au contraire!

Sure, storytelling has changed. The medium has changed but in her class about online journalism, she learns about SEO, coding languages and emerging social media tools. The crash course in digital media, she says in the piece, reminds her that journalism isn’t dead. It has never been more alive!

“For those of us who have chosen this major, we’re headed into an industry that is alive and kicking. So, fellow journalism students, get ready. I’ll see you in the real world.”