Journal Seeks Help from Times To Launch New York Local Section

Although Rupert Murdoch has touted the upcoming local New York section of his The Wall Street Journal as a direct competitor for The New York Times, it looks like this new venture won’t get off the ground without help from the rival paper’s printing presses.

Today, the Times reports that News Corp.’s plans to refit its New York Post printing presses in the South Bronx to print both the Post and the Journal have been met by many delays, possibly endangering the launch of the Journal‘s ever-expanding New York section, currently scheduled for April. It looks like News Corp. will have outsource some of its printing jobs, and it’s reached out to the Times, of all publishers.

Although it seems like helping Murdoch would be counter-intuitive — The Daily News also seemed to think so, turning down its rival’s request — an agreement of some form between the two rivals may work towards calming some of their bad blood. However, any partnership between the two will certainly not dim Murdoch’s goal of crushing the Times.

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