Joshua Davis: Design Troublemaker


Apple, being the technological whizzes that you are, do you think it would be too much trouble to add some kind of RSS button to those Pro profiles so we could be notified exactly when these awesome articles go up? We forget for a few weeks and suddenly a dozen new ones have cropped up. Okay, cool. Thanks so much. Oh, and also? We’ll take our iPhone refund in cash. Thanks.

A semi-new Apple Pro feature is all about Joshua Davis (recent crowd pleaser at the QBN conference) who uses a bunch of overly-geeky methods to create these graphic stunners:

“Working this way allows me to generate an infinite number of compositions,” Davis explains. “I set the boundaries and the rules, but whatever comes out at the end is a surprise. I don’t know what’s going to happen. It could look cool. It could fail. It could be life-changing. There’s always a surprising sense of discovery with this process, because I’m setting up an environment and allowing a scenario to live within it.”

Love that? He also passes on some of that geekery on to you, detailing his remarkable method for finding new colors. Besides that work for Nokia and VW we’ve seen, we also learn he’s creating some work for Art Basel Miami Beach this year. How does he keep getting such choice gigs?

“I’ve always done kind of weird, strange things, and that’s what I get hired to do: weird, strange things,” he says. “The type of work you make is the type of work people will hire you to do.”

Or, the design love you take is equal to the design love you make.