E! Online Writer Josh Grossberg Has Big Plans

As senior writer for E! Online, Josh Grossberg (pictured) cranks out a wide range of celebrity news items. This week for example, topics have included the will and testament of Ronni Chasen, the imminent prison time of Wesley Snipes and the DUI arrest of David Cassidy.

But Grossberg still finds time for sideline projects. On the heels of his 2009 documentary A Bridge Life, about the victims of Hurricane Katrina herded to the Houston Astrodome, he tells the Broward New Times that he has just finished writing his first Broadway musical, is in conversations with NBC about a “huge” reality TV series and is expanding his 2010 Cannes Film Festival short Betrayed into a feature titled Disappear.

Explains Grossberg:

It’s a mystery thriller about an investigative reporter who disappears, and his best friend is suspected of murder. It stars Seth Gilliam; P.J. Sosko, who’s an amazingly talented NY actor who, I’m telling you, is the next Steve McQueen; and Cara Buono, who is in Mad Men

Disappear is sort of a cross between Memento and The French Connection. It’s like a gritty crime drama. I’m hoping that by the end of next year, we’ll be shooting.

If Grossberg keeps this up, we’ll have to start calling him Ryan Seacrest.