Jorge Ramos on Trump’s Immigration Plan: ‘This Is Personal’

"When he's talking about immigrants, he's talking about me."

Univision’s Jorge Ramos believes GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump‘s “plan” to deport millions of undocumented immigrants living in the United States is “all wrong” and nothing but “empty promises.”

Ramos joined CNN’s John Berman on Anderson Cooper 360 Monday night to discuss the shortcomings of Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric from both a moral and practical perspective.

“How is he going to deport 11 million people?” Ramos told Berman. “By bus? By plane? Is he going to bring the army to do that? Can you imagine the human rights violations that would create?”

Berman asked Ramos about the claim many Trump supporters make — that the bombastic presidential candidate is not spreading hate, but “telling it like it is” — the Univision anchor became visibly upset by the notion that the rhetoric was anything but spiteful.

“Not spreading hate? When you say that immigrants from Mexico are ‘criminals’ and ‘rapists,’ isn’t that spreading hate?” said Ramos, his voice quivering with emotion. “When you call U.S. citizens ‘anchor babies,’ is that not spreading hate? When you called 11 million people in this country ‘illegals’ — and no human being is illegal — isn’t that spreading hate?”

“That’s precisely what is affecting the Hispanic community,” concluded the Univision anchor. “Look, this is not politics for us, this is personal. When he’s talking about immigrants, he’s talking about me. He’s talking about half of the Latino population in this country who is 18 years and older — who was born in another country. So, the things that he considers just ‘blunt talk,’ it is clearly offensive and it is having an immediate political impact.”

Watch interview, courtesy of CNN.