Jonathan Safran Foer and Bright Eyes: Just a comped copy away from togetherness

Like NY staffers from Spin, Blender, Elle, GQ and The New York Times, FISHBOWL wrote off a trip to California as work and attended this year’s Coachella Music Festival, where there was no pot at all.

Even so, we couldn’t believe our luck when we saw Jonathan Safran Foer’s favorite emo rocker, Conor Oberst, a.k.a. Bright Eyes walking toward the artist’s enclave alone and minding his own business, not a publicist in sight, just an hour before his headlining show. We assumed that totally meant he wanted to talk to us.

FISHBOWL: Hi Conor! You know the novelist Jonathan Safran Foer?
Bright Eyes: (shrugs uncomfortably, one might safely say helplessly)
FISHBOWL: Apparently he’s a big fan of yours. Are you a fan of his back?
Bright Eyes: Uh…I haven’t read his books.
FISHBOWL: You haven’t read his books?
Bright Eyes: No.
FISHBOWL: Are you planning to?
Bright Eyes (eyes flicking back and forth): Sure.
FISHBOWL: Should he send you one?
Bright Eyes: Sure.
FISHBOWL: Okay, we’ll let him know!

So there you have it, JSF! Conor’s expecting a book, if you can spare one. FISHBOWL: Using our access to headlining recording stars to ask the important questions.