This Reporter Pooped Instead of Scooped

A golden headline and lede opportunity.

Who has done the best job so far of framing the tale of Jonathan Lowe (pictured), a Phoenix TV reporter arrested earlier this week for defecating on a residential lawn? Glad you asked.

It’s early in this rewrite-news cycle. But at first glance, New York Daily News online reporter Christopher Brennan today has a candidate for best lede:

Getting the story is always priority No. 1, but a Phoenix TV reporter seems to have forgotten about No. 2 until it was too late.

The Phoenix New Times headlined on Wednesday that a “CBS 5 Reporter Had a Really Crappy Monday.” That’s the headline we like most at the moment, mainly because of how it ties in the Monday blues.

We also have to give props to website Rolling Out for doubling down on the clickbait. By combining the reporter’s offense with the rather unbelievable story topic that led Lowe to the neighborhood in the first place, they came up with “Reporter Defecates on Front Lawn of Man Who Barbecued Dog.” (Editor’s note: Post-publication, with Lowe’s firing now confirmed, Florida’s The Weekly Challenger essentially tripled down on the clickbait with “Fired News Reporter Arrested for Defecating on Front Lawn of Man Accused of Sacrificing His Poodle.”)

The story was first broken by FTV Live. If you run across a lede or headline this weekend that is solid, let us know via email or in the comments.

Update (4:30 p.m.):
Predictably, Lowe has been canned.

Photo via: Goodyear, Ariz. police department