Jonathan Jones on Being a Turner Prize Judge and the End of Banksy

If you’re looking for a good time this morning, can we recommend you enjoy reading the Guardian‘s Jonathan Jones‘ great piece on being on the jury for the Turner Prize, how Banksy‘s fifteen minutes have long passed, and how celebrating street art is a bad thing, among other topics. Even if you don’t agree with Jones, and we’re sure that many won’t, it’s an interesting peek inside the mind of a juror for one of the world’s top art prizes, as well as some worthwhile commentary on how these very prizes should function in the world. Here’s a bit about Banksy:

One of those magical media transmutations has taken place. Banksy is no longer hot. Only six months ago it was the bane of a critic’s life to be asked to comment on Banksy every couple of days. Now it’s hard to persuade editors to let me mention him. You live by the media, you die by the media.