Jonathan Ive Says Product Design Too Distant and Doesn’t Want to Talk About UK

Apple’s design guru Jonathan Ive took a couple of swipes at both the ease designers now have in building prototypes thanks to improved technology, as well as at his former homeland, the UK (albeit far more gently with the latter, going the “no comment” route). Talking to Design Week outside of the Objectified premiere in London, he said that the field of product design has become too simple and has distanced people from having to get their hands muddied up in the process of building something. And about England:

He declined to comment on the state of the UK’s digital product design industry, and said he ‘didn’t know’ if he’d ever come back to work here.

We’re just going to take that as a “No, he won’t be.” Though don’t you think he’s probably friends with James Dyson? At least he could have said “I don’t know, but I like what Dyson’s being doing around here lately.”