Jonathan Goldsmith Was Chosen by Havas ‘Before Beards Were Cool’

Stay hirsute, my friend.

There’s a funny juxtaposition of tweets at the top of the personal feed maintained by Jim Hord, executive creative director at Havas Worldwide in New York. In February, Hord joked about not being able to meet NASA’s astronaut-application deadline. Today, he links to a USA Today interview with Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor blasting off to Mars in one final ad for Dos Equis as The Most Interesting Man in the World.

For those familiar with the foibles of national TV commercial casting, there’s a reminder in the article of just how close Goldsmith came to not landing his signature pitchman role:

Havas wasn’t initially looking to cast a man with a beard. Goldsmith showed up to the audition though and immediately caught the attention of director Steve Miller and the Havas team.

“He had the perfect blend of maturity, stateliness,” says Hord. “He brought the beard. We didn’t go into it thinking it was going to be a guy with a beard. And 2007, that was before beards were cool.”

Ha ha. The Most Interesting Man in the World lapped hipsters. Goldsmith also has a funny line at the end of the USA Today piece by Hadley Malcolm, about how he envisions his character’s new life on Mars.

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