Jonathan Gold: The Updated Spreadsheet

Last year, we told you about The Butcher Blog’s spreadsheet of Jonathan Gold’s 99 Essential Restaurants.

Well, blogger Sarah Gim at The Delicious Life has created the ultimate spreadsheet of Gold’s annual selections dating back to 2005:

Jonathan Gold’s (mostly) annual list of 99 Essential Restaurants is a set of data to me. And a current list combined with previous years’ lists? It is data over time. I can hardly contain myself when I think about it. I count, I record, I double-back and marvel at the stupid things I’ve figured out that are totally irrelevant to the point of the list, but are fascinating enough to me waste my time doing it. Like, wow, there are 22 restaurants that have been listed every year since JGold started compiling these lists!

Wow, there are 28 restaurants on the list that weren’t there the year before in 2010!

Wow, five of those 28 were actually on the list in years previously, but not 2010!

Wow, Who. Fucking. Cares?

Probably no one but me. And this year (last night, in fact), I have out-listgeeked myself by consolidating everything I have into a single spreadsheet. The spreadsheet tracks every restaurant listed in any version of a “99 ___ ” by JGold, in which years, and cross-referenced with that other list, the 99 Things to Eat Before You Die. I have no idea why this would be important to anyone but me, but whatever. If I die tomorrow, at least I will have made my one big contribution to the world!

This. Is. Awesome. Thank you, Sarah.