BuzzFeed’s Next Bureau Will Be in Berlin

BuzzFeedLogoAs tipped by Jonah Peretti via Medium and more specifically confirmed this afternoon by New York Business Journal reporter Ben Fischer, the next BuzzFeed bureau will be in Berlin. This will be the ninth such outpost for the website, including NYC headquarters.

There have been some domestic pleas on Twitter today in reaction to the Peretti memo for more presence in U.S. cities like Houston and New Orleans. But the truth is, while BuzzFeed may not have bureau-boots on the ground there and elsewhere, its contributors and writers cover a geographical web that stretches far beyond the company’s official bricks-and-mortar locations.

Peretti added in his memo that Tokyo, Mexico City and Mumbai will follow Berlin in some order. Fischer notes that these are, respectively, the world’s first, third and fifth largest metropolitan areas.

Nice work by Fischer, who started at the Journal two months ago. All that’s left now is for someone to let us know in the comments below what the best German translation for “listicle” might be. We’re assuming “das listicle” does not cut it.

Also, given that BuzzFeed started in Manhattan and is now stretching to Berlin, the chorus of this Leonard Cohen song could not be more appropriate:

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