Jon Stewart Makes Fun of Obama’s Google+ Hangout

Jon Stewart – host of The Daily Show, a comedy show lampooning the latest in political developments – poked fun at Obama’s latest Google+ Hangout and wondering what exactly Obama was thinking when he accepted a woman’s resume live on the Hangout.  Jon Stewart referred to Google+ as the ‘What the F— is that thing up there? Is there any way I turn that off?’

Being mentioned on the Jon Stewart show is a watershed moment for the network, I imagine.  I could picture a few Google executives giving each other high fives this morning after realizing that their fledgling (although 90m+ is pretty large, already) network is being name-dropped by the funniest satirist on television.  I still think that Facebook is only one big privacy or network mistake away from having a mass exodus.  Now is the time for them to be more careful than ever.

The video of Stewart making fun of the President and the Hangout is below (and only available in the United States).

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