Jon Favreau on Walt Disney

A year after Jon Favreau explained to Geoff Boucher just how important the iconography of Walt Disney was to him growing up, he returned to the pages of Hero Complex late last week to pen a guest essay about the Magic Kingdom maestro.

Although Favreau glosses over Walt’s live action catalog, he does put forth the intriguing idea that Disney had three perfect creative moments: Steamboat Willie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Disneyland. He also recalls one of the many moments in his life when the theme park loomed large:

My 1988 cross-country trip on motorcycle culminated with my Sportster padlocked in front of the happiest place on Earth. It was this month-long adventure that ultimately inspired me to leave New York and try to make it in showbiz. My first screenplay, Swingers, was rife with Disneyland references. Even now, with my own three children, I make the pilgrimage several times a year.

Favreau is currently doing research for Magic Kingdom, a fantasy film set within the confines of the Anaheim theme park. Suitably enough, when he was first contacted about the project, he was on his way to Disneyland with his family for a visit and took advantage of that synchronicity to take many notes while enjoying the attractions.

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