Join ReadWriteWeb’s Worldwide Meetup Nov. 15

Mark your calendars: On Nov. 15, ReadWriteWeb will hold its first worldwide meetup. After the blog’s recent meetup in Portland, where more than half the staff is, the popular technology blog decided to spread the wealth and is encouraging readers in more than 30 cities to, well, meet up. Here’s a list of all the cities participating.

I emailed Robyn Tippins, RWW’s community manager, to get the inside scoop on the event. 

EZ: What was the inspiration for this event?
RT: As a team that is scattered across the globe, we understand what it’s like to yearn for deep technology discussions that don’t occur via social media, Skype or email.  We thought it would be fun to encourage other geeky folks, like ourselves, to get out from behind the computer and go meet other like-minded local people.

EZ: Are the meetups connected at all? If so, how?
RT: The only connections are that they’ll all happen on the same day, at 6:30pm in the local time zone.  We’re helping promote the local events on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, but the planning will be done by the tech enthusiasts in the area.

EZ: Is this something RWW will continue to do in the future?
RT: We’d like to do it at least every quarter, though a few of the meetups have already expressed a desire to meet monthly.

EZ: Why should someone attend this meetup? What do you hope readers get out of participating?
RT: People who want to get out and meet other folks who are genuinely fascinated by technology, startups, cloud, small business, mobile and programming will enjoy these meetups.  If you are just dying to share your thoughts on identity, how Facebook will fare against Google Plus, whether Nokia and RIM stand a chance or if location checkins will impact this year’s holiday shopping, you’ll dig this meetup.