The Ultimate Clickbait Headline

Doug Stanhope shared with Howard Stern some key pieces of information about TheWrap Hollyblogs posting process.

It was a headline that lit up Twitter, Facebook and Google News across the span of the latter half of the recent Memorial Day holiday weekend.


A defamation lawsuit was subsequently filed against the author, comedian Doug Stanhope, by Amber Heard. But as Stanhope explained this week to Howard Stern, the key element arguably in that regard – the inflammatory headline – was something he never wrote.

TheWrap grabbed duplicated the post from Stanhope’s personal website and re-headlined it. At the original end, the title chosen by the author was in fact “Words Fail Me.”

Would Heard and her attorneys have had the same reaction to this viral article if TheWrap had preserved the original headline? It’s hard to say. But certainly, it was the “Blackmail” headline, more than anything, that incensed folks on social media and helped propagate the Stanhope post forward.

It’s worth noting that the only mention of the word “blackmail” by Stanhope in his item, posted early on the morning of Sunday May 29, comes about halfway through. And that mention is certainly nowhere near as emphatic as TheWrap headline would lead to believe:

Blackmail is how I would imagine other people might put it, including the manner in which he [Depp] is now being vilified.