John Wayne Biography Gets Seal of Approval From Peter Bogdanovich

Topping the bestseller lists is nice; racking up hardcover sales in today’s digital age is always good. But chances are little will give author Scott Eyman more satisfaction than the following passage from Peter Bogdanovich’s weekend review in the New York Times of April 1 release John Wayne: The Life and Legend:

The portrait Eyman paints very much resembles the Wayne I knew for nearly 15 years: extremely likable, guileless, exuberant, even strangely innocent.

Because ultimately, that’s all a writer is aiming for with a biography. To accurately and effortlessly capture the true nature of their subject.

Bogdonavich says that despite spending much quality time with The Duke, it was only upon reading Eyman’s tome that he became aware of just how a good a writer and student Wayne was. The filmmaker also discloses that he was interviewed by the author for the book.

[Jacket cover courtesy: Simon & Schuster]