John Stossel On Age Discrimination: ‘We Slow Down As We Age, Maybe 25-Year-Olds Can Do It Better’

Is Fox News Channel reporter and commentator John Stossel just trying to annoy most of America? (We won’t answer that question—leaving it an exercise for the reader to decide.)

In this clip, he tackles age discrimination, saying that, well, maybe there shouldn’t be any laws protecting older workers. Maybe if you get fired for being old, it’s because you didn’t work as hard as a 25-year-old, so it’s your own fault.

Unrelatedly, last year when the Department of Labor reminded people that most unpaid internships were against the Fair Labor Standards Act, Stossel criticized the rules. He said on Fox News’s America Live, “I’ve built my career on unpaid interns, and the interns told me it was great—I learned more from you than I did in college.” (When asked why he didn’t pay them, if they were so valuable, he said he couldn’t afford it.)

At any rate, here’s the clip:

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