John Pomfret To Edit Outlook

A staff note from Len Downie and Phil Bennett:

    We are very pleased to announce that John Pomfret will be the next editor of Outlook.

    Over the last 25 years, John has blazed a trail as one of the great foreign correspondents of his generation. The last 14 of these have been with The Post, first in Bosnia, then Congo, and then during his extraordinary tour in China, where he arguably exercised an influence over coverage and perceptions of China greater than any American journalist since Teddy White. John’s unpredictable curiosity, physical and intellectual energy and bold iconoclasm opened up areas of Chinese life that few Westerners had seen. He chronicled these in our pages and in his wonderful book, Chinese Lessons . After 18 productive months as Los Angeles bureau chief, he is now bringing these qualities to editing. John and we are excited about his transition to Washington and our newsroom; none of us expect that he will “settle down” as an editor. We expect John to build on the verve and voice that Outlook has nurtured under the direction of Susan Glasser and Carlos Lozada and to help us navigate the challenges and opportunities before the entire newsroom.

    John will carry the title of Associate Editor, the original title for Outlook editors. He will be visiting the newsroom soon and will begin his new role the first week of April. Bob Kaiser has kindly agreed to serve as interim editor of Outlook until John is in place.