Podhoretz More at Home at SNL Than Morning Joe

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe today, conservative columnist John Podhoretz  offered a postmortem on the election and the state of the GOP that really offered nothing new on the matter. It was his virgin experience on the show, and while Podhoretz is a goof by some standards, it came as a surprise to learn that he has spent more time in the Saturday Night Live offices than on the Morning Joe set of 30 Rock.

“First off, you gave us a bit of fascinating information,” said co-host Joe Scarborough. “Your wife worked here for a very long time.”

Podhoretz confirmed that his wife, Ayala Cohen, had worked at Saturday Night Live “for almost 20 years.” A June story in The Wire says Cohen ran the talent department.

“Wow, fantastic. So she’s moved on to greener pastures?” Scarborough said…

“She’s moved on to other pastures,” Podhoretz said, diplomatically. “She’s now a talent agent at ICM.” He looked around the studio with a twinkle in his bespectacled eyes. “It’s interesting. I’ve been on many other floors of 30 Rock. But not this one,” he said.

“This is sort of homecoming for him,” New York magazine’s John Heielmann said. Scarborough seconded, “This is a homecoming for him.”

We extend our sincerest congratulations to Podhoretz for covering yet another floor of the famous 30 Rock building.